Geek Universe Radio: Making Movie Monsters with Writer/Director/Effects Wizard Alec Gillis

Originally broadcast the week of 8/23/15, whether it was working with James Cameron on Aliens and The Terminator or creating the monsters for Tremors, Alec Gillis and his partner Tom Woodruff, Jr. have contributed to the nightmares of an entire generation of moviegoers. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Alec has written and directed Harbinger Down, a throwback to the kind of practical effects flicks he grew up on and helped to create himself during the 80's and 90's.

Alec joins us to talk about his early days working for Roger Corman and meeting James Cameron, which of his iconic creatures still holds up decades later, and whether practical effects are still a viable way of creating chills and thrills for an audience. He even shares some secrets of how they achieved a big budget look on a shoestring budget!

More information about Alec's latest film can be found at

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