Geek Universe Radio with Star Wars novelist John Jackson Miller

Broadcast the week of 08/02/15...Star Wars: A New Dawn author John Jackson Miller is our guest this week as he and Jim talk about Jedi Knights, the evil galactic Empire, and The Force Awakens. What made John a fan of that galaxy far, far away and how did he end up writing adventures of heroes long, long ago? And, as someone who has written for both Star Wars and Star Trek, what is it like writing for both?

From the best and the brightest behind the 30 Minutes of Geek podcast, it's even more great guests, nerdy conversations, and geek on the radio!!! Because the weekend demands more than 30 Minutes of Geek, it's GEEK UNIVERSE with Jim Yelton! Nationally Syndicated on the GLN Radio Network and streaming on-demand through

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