Geek Universe Radio with Jaws screenwriter Carl Gottlieb

Broadcast the week of 07/12/15...It's the premiere of the new Nationally Syndicated Talk Radio show from the host of Midnight's 30 Minutes of Geek! Heard every weekend on the GLN Radio Network and streaming on demand from!

This week, host Jim Yelton has a life-long dream come true as his first guest on Geek Universe is Jaws screenwriter Carl Gottlieb. Listen as Carl explains what he felt was wrong with the early drafts of the script, how he was brought on board, and how a one week contract became a five-month long shoot on Martha's Vineyard. Plus, who did he think was the best choice to play Quint, why did Richard Dreyfus almost miss out on a breakthrough role, and many other insider stories about the making of the first Summer Blockbuster.

All of that on top of the geek humor and commentary you've come to expect from 30 Minutes of on the radio! Because the weekend demands more than 30 minutes of Geek...journey into the Geek Universe with Jim Yelton!

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